Friday, August 29, 2014

A little bit about sex


This post is a lot about me and my views on sex.  I’m not writing any of this to try and build myself up or put anyone down, I’m just trying to give another perspective and/or get people (mostly guys) thinking about how they approach sex.
I read a post a little earlier about a woman’s frustration over inadequate male sexual performance.  She said that most of the time the man cums and the sex is over, no matter how close (or far) the woman is from orgasm, rolls over and falls asleep.  This is not an uncommon situation based on many of the posts I’ve read.
The problem tends to be that many men place all the importance of sex on the orgasm (to a lesser degree on her having one as well, it’s an ego boost).  Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.  To a degree, in certain circumstances, I can understand this.  If you’ve been in a long term relationship for a while, busy lives, stressed, work too much, maybe throw in a couple kids, and only have limited time and energy for sex, I can see focusing on the orgasm a bit (even still, it should be mutual).  Sometimes, quickies are a lot of fun too.  Git-er-done, as  Larry the cable guy would say.
However, focusing on the orgasm means missing or ignoring everything else.  Sex isn’t a means to an end, it’s a whole experience.  Sex is fun, should be fun, a light-hearted and pleasurable way to enjoy yourself and your partner.  The orgasm is only one part of that fun.  The orgasm isn’t the only thing that feels good, sex is pleasurable before the orgasm happens.  For a guy, the orgasm means that, to a large degree, the fun is over for him, so why rush the process?  Why not enjoy the sex for as long as possible?  Prolonging orgasm usually also means it feels better when it finally happens too.  And, as a guy, even if you cum first, why is it that much of a burden to keep playing with her?  She’ll appreciate it, and an appreciative woman is a wonderful thing.
Those are only the physical arguments for not focusing on the orgasm.  The mental part is just as, if not more, important.
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I consider myself pretty unselfish in the bedroom (if I do say so myself), I always try and put my partner’s pleasure first.  Conversation is a big part of this, I want to know exactly what my partner needs and I do my best to give it to her, in spades.  When my partner has a fantastic time that’s what I enjoy the most, my orgasm is just a side benefit.
For me, a large part of this is mental.  It’s about control, I want my partner to lose all of it, for as long as possible, and be whimpering putty in my hands.  That’s what I get out of having a partner, not just an orgasm.
That mental part is so important to me that I’ve had fantastic sex and NOT had an orgasm.  Now, I couldn’t do that every time, it would drive me nuts, but infrequently it doesn’t bother me at all.
Some of those times, I didn’t cum specifically so the sex could continue longer.  My partner and I would have sex, she’d cum a few times… and we’d take a break for a while.  I hadn’t cum, so as soon as she was ready again, we went back at it.  And again.  Sure, I could have cum and then recovered but then I might not have been so motivated the second time, or the third time, eventually I would have been physically incapable of continuing.  It was about the whole experience, not immediate gratification.
Many of the other times I had sex and didn’t cum were with Cat.  She wasn’t the standard sexual partner.  She was incredibly difficult to bring to orgasm, but when she came… she came hard.  Then, she was kind of like a guy, she was so sensitive that further sex was too much for her, she wanted to roll over and fall asleep.  If I was quick she’d let me get off after her but it wasn’t uncommon for me to just pull out after she came, cuddle up with her, and fall asleep.  The sex itself, and making her cum, were the important things, so rather than making her uncomfortable after the orgasm I just stopped.  No big deal.  And she appreciated it.
All of those fun times because I didn’t dwell on that one small part of the sexual experience, le petit morte.  And I don’t feel like I missed anything because I didn’t have an orgasm.
Sex is like everything else in life, why sprint to the finish line?  Smell the roses, try new things, slow down and enjoy the process.  Besides, a very satisfied partner is going to be a hell of a lot quicker to jump back into bed with you.

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