Monday, September 1, 2014

Hard Flight


So, if any of you (most of you) Have read Ann’s post about meeting me at the airport today (Johnny’s coming!), you have some idea what I’m looking forward to. Ann meeting me in a halter top dress, no bra or panties, and a large car with an open back seat and very tinted windows. Its a fantastic image, a very captivating image. One could almost say, an inspiring image.
However, I’m still two short flights away… and I keep finding myself… rather too inspired if you catch my meaning. Euphemisms aside, I’m not known for beating around the Bush, I’m writing this on the plane (in airplane mode, I’m not a total dummy) with a rather obvious and very erect penis. If you aren’t male, or have been one so lucky that you’ve never had a hard on in an inappropriate setting, you might not realize how awkward this might be. The drink cart is coming by? Huh, I can’t seem to put my tray table all the way down.
The barely teenage, young woman across the aisle is giving me some confused looks and the mother of two is trying to direct her kids attention out the far window.
Normally, I would think of something else to ease the situation, but being on a plane and trying not to think about a beautiful woman waiting at the airport is an exercise in futility. How do you avoid thinking about planes and airports when your actually on a plane? Maybe others can manage this better than I, but it’s impossibly difficult for me.
Old women playing frisbee. Old women playing frisbee near an airport… where Ann in scantily clad and waiting. Damnit!
Playing with the family At the beach. Playing with the family At the beach and a plane flies over head.  Toward an airport where a scantily clad Ann is waiting. Damnit!
You see how everything comes back to planes and Ann? Sheesh, it’s enough to drive a sane man horny. Again.
Unfortunately, writing this hasn’t been as distracting as I’d hoped. Now it’s time to do the awkward, impossible to miss,adjustment to make my condition slightly less obvious before standing to get my bag out of the over head.
One more flight to go.
I don’t think airports will ever look quite the same to me in the future. No, I’m not complaining.
One more flight to go.

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