Thursday, September 11, 2014

Visiting Ann: 2-0, Jacuzzi pt 1

**I recently returned from spending ten fantastic days with Ann St Vincent.  These posts about the visit aren’t going to be in any specific order, there is too much to write on too many topics.  So, don’t look at these like one long story, they are more like post cards or snap shots from a fantastic trip.**
Ann had quite a few things planned for my trip to her city.  I think she was trying to sell it to me a bit, which was understandable.  I love her, if I loved her city it would be that much more convincing for me to move there.
One of the things she had planned was a trip to one of the smaller towns a couple hours away.  Ann knows I’m not a city boy and figured it would be a nice break from the rat race.  The smaller town had a few large attractions and a number of wineries, perfect for a couple lovers on a mini-vacation.  She had even booked us a hotel room for the night so we could take our time and enjoy ourselves.
As we were getting ready to leave on the road trip we started fooling around a bit.  That was pretty ordinary, every time we had five minutes alone we were messing around.  The whole ten days of the trip we could barely keep our hands off each other.
We were standing in Ann’s bedroom, both half naked, when Ann got on her knees in front of me.  She dropped my pants and started going down on me.  Usually, a blow job was a prelude to further activities and that was her intent, but I was thoroughly enjoying myself and she decided to just keep going.
Ann’s very talented with her hands and mouth.  Looking down on her, topless, playing with me, it didn’t take long before I was on the verge of cumming.   I told her I was close, she kept going, stroking and sucking with amazing coordination.  I cried out and came.
Usually, I would have returned the favor but we didn’t have a lot of time.  We were in a rush if we were going to beat traffic, not enough time for showering together (never a quick proposition), so we quickly cleaned up in the bathroom.  Ann laughed a lot as she wiped herself down with a wet wash cloth, I had made quite the mess.  There was cum all over her face, the hair on both sides of her head, all down her chest and her jeans.
What can I say, she does that to me.
After cleaning up, we got in the car and started driving out of the city.
The BJ slowed us down a bit, we ended up leaving town later than intended and found ourselves stuck in rush hour traffic.  What should have been a ten minute drive out of town took close to an hour.  Ann was driving and was getting pretty stressed behind the wheel.
In the car with the woman I love, I almost always have my hand on her thigh, slowly stroking it.  It’s an almost unconscious impulse, half the time I don’t even notice I’m doing it.  My fingers just have a mind of their own and want that physical connection.
She was frustrated by the traffic, so to give her a smile I started to get a little frisky.  We’d been driving for over an hour, we were both bored and stressed, and my hand started to drift higher up her thigh.  She was wearing jeans, not very good for discrete fingering.  I knew we weren’t really going to go any further, traffic was too bad and there were people everywhere, but I was just trying to have a little fun.  Besides, rear-ending a car would put a quick stop to our little vacation.
“Don’t even try,” she said, staring out the windshield.  “I’m too stressed out to get aroused right now.”
I looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
“You really shouldn’t say things like that to me,” I said.
She looked at me, she looked back to the road.  It took her a second to realize what I meant.
“No, no,” she said.  “That isn’t a challenge or anything like that.  I’m sure you could get me aroused, but it would be a bad idea in traffic like this.  Not a challenge.”
I grinned.
I have a thing for challenges.  It’s a good that she qualified the statement, otherwise things would have gotten really interesting on the drive, traffic or no.
car sex s
But that’s alright, there were plenty of fun times to come over the next 24 hours.

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