Friday, October 3, 2014

Better Afternoon

Ok, so I had a crappy morning.  You know it's a bad morning when I stop during lunch to write a post about how bad it was.  Even though I was in a terrible mood I kept working my way through the list.

There's a local radio station that does 90's at noon.  That's a thing apparently.  Normally, this would be a pretty dorky side note, but the DJ picked out some really awesome tunes.  It's amazing how fast a bad mood can turn around with food and some good music.  I finished up my errands bopping along to the radio, the volume cranked way up.

I thought I would share a couple of the goodies.

(The unedited version is better)

Just because I'm an asshole, I had to include that last one.  Good luck getting it out of your head.

My afternoon is going a bit more smoothly, which is impressive after my morning.  I'll take it.


  1. You know that last one was always going to be better when the army guys did their version with it.

    It's just not the same without them.

  2. There's been a couple of fun versions. The point for me was the addictive nature of the song. It's one of those that is almost impossible to get out of one's head. ;)

  3. My husband and I have often asked ourselves how many babies have been conceived to Glory Box. Good song.