Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Good Morning

Good morning,

I just back from a bit of an adventure.  I needed a long run to clear my head and for some reason decided to try a different direction than normal.  45-60 minutes seemed about perfect.  I had a feeling I'd get a little lost but I've lived in this town for five years, I was confident that eventually I'd run into something familiar.  Well, it turns out those neighborhoods are far more confusing than I anticipated (especially at night).  I made a couple turns and suddenly found myself in a physics-defying location.  I made two lefts and found myself a mile to the right.

After an hour, I found myself at a gas station on the opposite end of town... which shouldn't have been possible based on the turns I made.  So, I turned around and headed back toward home.  Half an hour later I found myself back at the gas station.  Wait, what?  I was going North and yet ended up back south.  How was that possible?

I knew one definite way home from the gas station but it involved circumventing the entire town.  After ending up at the gas station, again, I decided that I'd have to go around the town since going through it seemed to be a physical impossibility.

My 45 minute run turned into 2 1/2 hours of a lost-in-suburban-athon.

It was nice to have some empty time to think but that was a little more than I intended.

The last couple weeks have been difficult for a multitude of reasons, one of which has been that I've been having a hard time managing my blood sugar levels.  There's something in my diet that is screwing with my head.  Especially in the mornings, I've just been cranky and pissy.

It probably doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping well either.  The last couple nights have been spent tossing and turning.

Today wasn't easy, even before the running adventure.  I had planned to stay on WordPress until tonight.  Today is the six month anniversary of the first email that I sent Ann, I had a post prepared.  I liked the idea of my last "real" post on WordPress being a celebration.  I was going to post it today and then do the move to blogger tonight.  It didn't work out that way.  Ann and I got in a bit of a fight yesterday and I made the move a day early.  We decided this morning to take a few days apart, figure out where we stand, so we spent our six month anniversary not talking to each other.

It's a process, I suppose, all of it.  Working out, diets, relationships and life.  It's not always an easy process, mistakes will be made, sometimes we have to just feel our way through to the other side.

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  1. yea, sometimes we do feel like we are left in the dark.