Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'm cheating today...

I sold my fancy flat screen about four months ago.  TV was just too much of a distraction, even though my apartment only came with basic cable.  By basic, I mean twelve channels basic.  I didn't feel like I was giving up much and it let me focus more on the important things.

Yesterday, I was clearing out my storage unit and found a giant, ancient TV.  Not even sure where it came from.  I brought it home so I could figure out if it worked or not.  When I turned it on, guess what I saw...

(One of the main characters leveling a home-made flame thrower at giant Tasmanian Devils)

Holy shit!  SyFy!  I didn't get SyFy here before!

It took me a minute put it all together.  Two months ago, the contract with the cable company and apartment building ran out.  The HOA managed to renegotiate the contract more favorably, same price but more channels.  As a resident I'd been privy to the email chain involved, but hadn't paid it much attention because, without a TV, none of it applied to me.

But then I plugged in the old set and I have SyFy now!  How freaking cool is that?  I turn on the TV and it's Creature Feature time!!!!  

When I was in the military, there were a couple years I stayed in the barracks.  Those rooms had cable and I discovered how awesome SyFy was on the weekends.  They would pick a theme and show movies all day leading up to a new debut, "made for SyFy" movie that night.  It was awesome.  If I didn't have anything going on, I'd buy some junk food, beer, and spend the day vegging out to bad but highly entertaining B-horror flicks.

You know what, after the last couple weeks I've had, I deserve this.  I've been pretty good, I've made some progress.  I bought junk food and I'm going to sit here all day watching SyFy.  It's my Saturday and I'll veg if I want to.

(Side note: changing it from "Sci-fi" to "SyFy" was retarded.)


  1. I say good for you! Take the day you need to take to just enjoy doing nothing else than veg in front of a screen. Sometimes, that's what we need to recharge our batteries!

  2. Yes, from Sci-fi to SyFy was totally retarded. Granted the only SyFy I get is what I stream online, but beggers can't be choosers ;)

    And I have to admit, that's one of my favourite ways to spend my Saturday's too. Bad b-grade horror movies and good food (it's not always junk!) with some ciders.

    You totally deserve it. Enjoy yourself!!

  3. Nope, beggars can't be choosers. A couple B-movies seems just about right for the week I've had. Bad week, bad movies. I don't feel bad about taking one day to luxuriate in TV and movies.