Saturday, October 25, 2014

Quick update

I'm not back, don't get your hopes up, I just figured those of you following along deserve an update.

Women are strange creatures.  If you treat them like a princess than they want to be treated like an object, but if you treat them like an object than you're an asshole.  Sometimes you just can't win.  And really, Ann could have come up with better examples for the little game of hers.  Those are too easy.

As for me, break ups are very hard on the ego.  Fortunately, I've found a very nice woman who's more than happy to stroke my ego (as well as other things).  It's really nice to feel appreciated again.  Also, my birthday plans are looking very promising at the moment.

I gave myself a birthday present this year, I finished up the tattoo on my right arm.  When I was with Ann I got part of the outline done and she was freaked that now I would cover it up or something.  Nope, I just finished what was started.  It looks pretty amazing if I do say so myself.  If I'm feeling froggy I might share a few pics.  Probably not though.

Unfortunately, I still have zero interest in blogging.  So, don't expect me back any time soon.  I'm actually thinking about quitting altogether, but, like I said, I wanted to give you guys a bit of an update.

I'm alive, I'm doing okay.  There you go.


  1. I want to like this post, but then I don't.

    I also want to slap you and then I don't.

    Today is such a conflicted day for me.

    Maybe I'll just go cry in a corner and get it out of my system. Fucking ovaries.

    I'm still glad you're alive though. Just thought I'd say.

  2. IT's hard for me to read through a break up when I had just met you guys when it happened.
    I suppose it's one of those lessons in life I need to hear about.
    Whatever you decide to do with your blog, I'll understand. Though I kind of hope you will keep it...