Thursday, October 16, 2014

The week is almost done

It's been a long week.

I've been laying fairly low.  Not doing too bad but not terrific either, just kind of power-walking through the slump.  I think I'm also getting sick.  It doesn't surprise me when I've just come out of a really sloppy weekend and haven't been sleeping well.  Sigh.

Last night it was creepy nightmares that woke me in the dark hours before sunrise.  I don't usually have nightmares, not in years anyway.  It was one of the ones where something bad was creeping up on me and I could see it but couldn't move or speak.  I hate those.  Sigh.

Side note: My dog has decided to sit next to me while I'm writing and is panting obnoxiously loud.  If she were a cat I'd think she was trying to hack up a fur ball.

There's a big storm coming in this weekend, there goes my plans.  I really wanted to drive up north and go hiking in the mountains, clear my head, probably not smart this weekend though.  Looks like drinking, writing, and SyFy again this weekend.  Sigh.

Shelley, my old friend from work just emailed me.  Last year she moved out of state but was trying to come back in December to run the marathon with me.  She asked if she could sleep on my couch, I told her she was more than welcome to it.  Turns out, she's going to be too busy with work.  That's too bad, I'm not sure I'll even be here next year and I'll probably never want to visit the lame state she's living in now, might never see her again.  That sucks.  Sigh.

Yeah, it's a been a long week.

However, I'd like to end things on a positive note.

There's a local coffee shop I go to a couple times a week to write.  It's quiet, laid back.  I turn off my WiFi and write for a couple hours.  They've got a few cute baristas too, which doesn't hurt.

This week, one of the cute girls was taking my order.

You know those scenes in books and movies where one character is so attracted to another that they can't focus, they sound ditsy, forget things, get all awkward?  Yeah, she totally did that with me.  She screwed up my order twice, huge embarrassment on her part, she was seriously blushing.  She's worked there as long as I've been going, I've never seen her like that before.  Apparently the marathon training is doing good things for me.  Interesting possibilities there and another excuse to get some more writing done.

That was a nice ego boost.

So, it was a long week but not an entirely bad one.

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