Saturday, November 15, 2014

A funny awkward story

I haven't been writing much because I haven't quite felt like it.  Some stories though, they just have to be told.

In my Halloween post I mentioned that everyone in my program was getting a bonus this month for outstanding service.  This week I got mine, not a ton but every little bit is nice, right?

Today was a meeting for one of the writing groups I'm in on the other side of town.  This morning, I realized that my favorite adult toy store was down the street from the meeting... and I had a few extra bucks in the bank.  So I decided I would swing by the store on the way to the meeting and pick something up if it was interesting regardless of the cost, spoiling myself a bit.  I found something fun and made my merry way to the meeting.

The only reason I was so interested in this meeting was because it was a far larger group of writers and I wanted to get to know more people who were interested in the same things I am.  One of the fascinating things about groups like this is the vast array of people who show up, everything from college students to retirees, all walks of life.

Fortunately for me several of the new people were attractive young women.  That always makes my day a little bit brighter.

One of these cute young women was in a conversation with another guy about halfway through the meeting.  I couldn't help but overhear her talking about the arduous bus route she had to take to the meeting.  Then she mentioned the neighborhood where she lives and it's the same neighborhood where I live.  I mentioned to her that I lived in the area and offered her a ride home afterwards.  She gratefully accepted.

It might seem a little odd that she agreed to take a ride from a practical stranger but I'm a pretty responsible looking, laid back guy, so it wouldn't have seemed too risky.

My car isn't a particularly clean place most days, I do a lot of driving so I end up having quite a bit of random things inside.  Luckily, I'd just cleaned the car so there wasn't much.

... Except the new Fleshlight sitting on the passenger seat.

I just about had a panic attack.  Of all the days I offer a random, cute young woman a ride home...

For the next two hours I frantically tried to figure out some way to run over to the parking garage and throw my new toy in the trunk but I never got a chance.  My new friend was practically hanging off my arm, keeping an eye on her ride home.

As the time to go loomed closer my anxiety level was through the roof.

Then it was time to go, she stood up to leave with me.  Oh shit.

Then a couple of the writers talked about going to get a couple drinks together.  I couldn't go because my dog needed to be let out, but my new friend wanted to and another writer offered her a ride home afterwards.  She happily accepted.

Creepy disaster avoided.

Huge sigh of relief, the weight lifted off my shoulders and I made my way back home with a big smile on my face.  I didn't get embarrassed in front of a cute young woman and I have new toy to play with, that's a win-win if you ask me.


  1. A real win would have been to have a real life, cute young woman to play with, wouldn't it? Ok, I guess not getting embarassed is almost as good ;-)

    1. I consider it a big win because that means the cute young woman who lives in my neighborhood is still a possible playmate. ;)