Saturday, November 29, 2014

Follow up to the follow up to the awkward story

Part one was where I offered an attractive woman from my writing group a ride home and she almost got to see my newly purchased Fleshlight.  That would have been interesting.

Part two was where I did a little research and found out what a terrible writer she is... and how that somehow crossed a line with me.  Bad writer equals no sexy time.  That might be the strangest line I've ever found in my own head.

And now for part three.  I guess I should come up with a pseudonym for her now, we'll call her Charlotte.

This week I sent Charlotte a message on the writing group page letting her know that the venue was changing for the meeting.  I was just being polite, the organizer texted me but didn't have her info.  Charlotte didn't make it to the meeting but I didn't think anything of it, we all have shifting schedules, no big deal.

A day or so after, I signed into the site and saw that she had sent me a message.  She missed the original meeting and wanted to set up something else.  Since we both live in the same neighborhood she asked if I wanted to meet up to get some writing done.

Uh... what?  Is this kind of a date?  No one else was invited, just me and her meeting over coffee for a couple hours to write together?  It's like a pseudo-writer-date?  Kind of?  Didn't I already decide I wasn't going to sleep with her since she's a terrible writer?

Whatever, I figured, I'd meet with her and just kind of see how it went.  I needed to get some writing done anyway.

Well, I just got back.  I actually had a good time, the conversation was easy, it was light and fun.  It wasn't really a date but we spent the time kind of feeling each other out.  It went well.  I also got a ton of writing done, so something of a win-win.

Of course, now I have to revisit the whole "sleeping with a bad writer" question.  I actually kind of like her, she's quirky and amusing, I bet she'd be fun in bed... but she's still a terrible writer.  Every time she mentioned one of her characters by name it was like nails on a chalkboard (remember, named after "found objects").  I mean, if I ended up sleeping with her, wouldn't that be like lying to her?  We met by writing together, we talk a lot about writing, if I can't stand her writing that seems like a big problem.  How long can I pretend to give a shit about something so important to her that I hate?

But I actually kind of like her.  Sigh.  Can I overlook the writing?  Is it worth working on it with her?  Or could I just fuck her brains out and pretend I like her writing until she leaves a couple months from now?

Why this line?  Of all places for my cock to draw a line.  Sigh.

**Edit:  Moot point, she left the area before we could meet up again.

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