Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday is Friday Night Music - Women that rock

I had a rough day and wanted to do something fun, and maybe a little bit different, so I decided to do more music tonight.  With the conversations earlier this week I decided to specialize the music selections provided.  Women that rock.  Hell yeah.
I’m a huge fan of female vocalists in all genres and before anyone complains, I’ve had to severely limit the selection because there are just way, way, way, way too many bad ass bands to include them all.  Feel free to make recommendations in the comments, I’ll try to make sure they’re included in further posts.
I also decided to do something a little different this week and provide some new recommendations in the second section.  I pulled a few of my favorites and dug around on some sites to find some modern bands that are definitely worth checking out.
Part 1 – Relatively older stuff that’s still awesome.  And by older I’m limiting myself to rock bands 90’s and later.  If you want to skip these because you’re already familiar with the bands, feel free, but definitely check out the newer recommendations in part 2.

Hole – Celebrity skin
Kittie – Brackish
Flyleaf – I’m so sick
No Doubt – Just a girl.  A little more pop than most of these selections but seemed appropriate.
Evanescence – Going under
Paramore – Misery Business

Part 2 – Current recommendations.  I’d only heard of Halestorm out of this collection, the others I found while looking for good bands to show.  All are awesome.  In fact, there were so many that I had to cut down on some of the songs in the previous part to make room.  It was worth it.
Tonight Alive – The ocean
Halestorm – Amen
What can I say, Halestorm is fucking fantastic.  So I’m including two of their videos.
Halestorm – Freak like me
Butcher Babes – Magnolia Blvd
Vandroya – why should we say goodbye
Nightwish – Story time
I want to be at that concert.  Holy shit.  The next one is just as good.
Epica -Unleashed (official Live)
Yeah, is it just me or does that look like one absolutely epic concert?  Pun intended.  Fantastic.
After watching all these videos there’s one predominant thought running through my head.  There is very, very, very little that men can do that women can’t do better.
That, and spending a couple hours drinking and watching YouTube videos of fantastic bands is a great way to spend an afternoon.  If you need some more, here’s one of the good links I found: Top 25 Metal Women to Watch

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