Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Being an adult sucks

Rant time, once again.

I'm having a crappy-craptastic day.  Being an adult can be really, really frustrating.

First, I've been dealing with rental property issues.  Again.  Every time I think I'm getting a little bit ahead of life's hurdles something comes out of left field.  Less than three months ago I dropped three grand down that particular black hole but the gods weren't appeased.  Maybe another four will do the trick?  Sigh, cutting another check.  So much for that ticket to go see my kid later this year.

All morning was spent calling different vendors and the managers, because of the time difference I had to get up early and lose a couple hours of work just to talk to them.

Then came school problems.  I've been trying to get into a Master's program for over a year now.  Every time I think I've got a loophole solved another one pops up.  Finally, I went in with my paperwork this afternoon.  It took three hours of explaining everything to the school official and maybe... maybe... it's all straight.

Then, as I was leaving he smiled and handed over a form.  "Get this filled out and then we can complete your application.  It's new."

I looked at it.  Now the school is requiring physicals and proof of multiple vaccinations before anyone can attend classes.  I've been going there for over three years but now they decide to add another hurdle.

So I get home and logged into my insurance provider's website.  Or, rather, I tried to.  The site stopped working so I had to call and sit on hold for thirty minutes before reaching anyone.  The service is dictated through work, they cover a percentage of the cost, but this is the first time in three years with them that I've needed to use it.  Surely something as simple as physicals and vaccines are covered... especially since I already have all but one of them, I just need a doctor to sign off.

Well, no.  I pay over five hundred dollars a month for insurance and the basics aren't covered.  What?  Asking further, they don't even cover a yearly check up.  I asked what they did cover and they told me emergencies, basically, until a person is over 45 all screenings come out of pocket.  That's it?  

I'm really tempted to do the math and find out exactly how much money of mine they've received over the last three years compared to the zero dollars they've had to pay out, but I have a feeling that'd be really depressing.

None of those things are all that expensive, it's just the principal of the matter.  Now I've got to waste another day trying to find some seedy clinic that'll give me a TB shot and sign off on my other medical records, paying out of pocket, before I can even APPLY to get into the school that I've attended for years.  And I HAVE insurance.  Sigh.

After all that, I got a bill in the mail from my last school saying that I owe them over $700 dollars.  I looked at all their paperwork, it showed bills for classes four years after I left the school.  How could I have been in class when I lived five states away at the time?  I made an attempt at writing a polite letter to the billing office, not sure how well that worked, and from how the rest of my day is going I'm sure they're going to demand payment just for spite.

Yeah, fuck being an adult.  I'm just going to climb under the covers and pretend today never happened.

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