Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Drunk and a little confused

I'm somewhat intoxicated but I'll try to keep my handwriting legible.  We'll see how that goes.

It has come to my attention recently that I have made a glaring error in my blogging, leading some readers to be confused as to who I am.  Now, I'm normally a very private person and refuse to share many details about my life, but this air of mystery has left one big question unanswered.

Am I a skinhead?
White power skinheads are members of a white supremacist and antisemitic offshoot of the skinhead subculture.[1][2][3][4] Many of them are affiliated with white nationalist organizations. (Wikipedia)
I have made it obvious over the last couple years that I have a shaved head and a bounty of tattoos, leading some readers to be concerned about my possible extremist affiliations.  Because all guys with shaved heads and tattoos must be haters.

Now, I had thought that my pro-gay rights and liberal politics posts (and dog pooping cartoons) would have made my positions obvious, but apparently that is not the case.  Maybe I'm just covering for some sort of subliminal coercion to make myself sympathetic and progress some sort of extremist agenda.  Apparently that shit happens.

So, I thought I'd take this time to make my position clear, if it wasn't already.


While I might have a gloriously naked dome that's a practical choice rather than a political one.

Four years ago my (now ex) brother in law was diagnosed with cancer.  As a show of solidarity all of the males in the family shaved their heads.  About a week later I realized that the hair on the top of my head was not growing back the way I would have liked.  I was going bald, that instance just proved it beyond any reasonable doubt.  I tried some creative ways of getting it to grow back out but decided it was a losing battle.  Ever since then I've just shaved my head.

I was going for a Jason Statham look

(Fast and Furious Wikia)

Rather than a...

(gulf.com, not so super sexy)

It was a practical (and somewhat aesthetic) decision.

As for the tattoos, I have a plethora.  I have the Buddhist symbol for "om" on my left bicep, a Buddhist fire wheel (from the Tibetan Book of the Dead cover) on my right shoulder, a couple Navy tattoos, a celebration of my relationship with my sister, and a couple unremarkable others.  Nothing remotely negative.

Personally, about the only things I hate are hate groups, so that's something.

So, in case it isn't obvious

I'm not a skinhead.

Just in case there was any doubt, because it wasn't painfully obvious.  There was still some wiggle room for doubt.  Apparently.

In this modern world of ours, stating ones beliefs aren't enough, we have to declare what we aren't.  So, this is my declaration.  I'm not a hater.

Now you know, in case you hadn't known already.  If there are any other questions I'd be happy to answer them in the comments.

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