Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Enjoying Bachelorhood

With my current single-hood, and with the lack of interest in dating, I'm aware that the blog hasn't been particularly interesting nor will that probably change much any time soon.  That's part of the reason I did a drunken post over he weekend about how much I love eating p*ssy.  Just because I'm celibate at the moment doesn't mean I can't relive some fun memories.

The thing is, I'm really digging being single right now.  I'm not looking around.  At all.  I even took down the only dating site profile I still had up.  Nada.  And it's awesome.  It's given me plenty of time to work on a few things, get my head on straight, and stop worrying about a lot of stupid shit.  If I feel like being a lazy ass and sit around in sweat pants on a Saturday drinking cheap beer there's no reason why I shouldn't.  Fuck yeah.  Or put up drunken blog posts about going down on women.  Why not?

The other thing that I haven't said much about is the cheesy, dirty, sexy novel I've been writing.  Previously, I did a post about how much of what a writer is going through comes out in fiction, Writing as Introspection.  In my case right now I think it's more obvious, I'm working out some things.

Over the last year or so my romantic life has been rocky to say the least, with each successive one leaving me a little worse off until I was barely hobbling through each day.  That's the biggest reason I broke up with Stephanie, I didn't have anything left.

After all of that, when I needed to start a new project, what did I come up with?  A sleazy Private Investigator that gets caught up in various messed up cases, most of which involve some sort of sexual deviancy -half of which he starts.  In other words my brain is trying to purge all the fucked up negativity I've been feeling about sex and relationships onto the page.

And it's funny.  I'm not objective but I'm taking all that fucked up shit and spinning it into jokes.

That's healthy, right?  Maybe.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that single-hood is just as good as I imagined it would be, and so far I'm enjoying it.  And I'm getting a kick out of the story.  If progress continues as it has it should be done before the November deadline I picked out.  

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