Tuesday, September 8, 2015


In case you haven't read the previous post, a reader (newer-ish one) asked me if I was a skinhead.  I'm not, which pretty much everyone else already knew, but I did a somewhat amusing post about it.  However, I didn't do any illustration for it.  Smittenwithhim pointed this out and, of course, it really needed to happen anyway.

So, in graphic form.

Yes, I have a shaved head and tattoos but this image is pure fantasy.  It's ridiculous.  I have some Navy tats as well as some Buddhist ones but nothing like that pictured above.  The closest thing I've got is a Sugar Skull design that my sister helped pick out.  I never thought I'd get a skull tattooed on my body (why?) but our favorite holiday has always been Halloween, so the last time we were together we helped each other pick out tattoos and got them done together.  It's actually a pretty nifty design.  I've also got a somewhat Polynesian inspired tat, as well as three others that were done in different countries I've visited.

No, the truth is I'm far closer to this:

Just add a goatee and some tattoos and there you go (I got lazy).  Sure, I might be act like a crotchety old man sometimes and complain about stuff but inside I'm all soft and fuzzy.  (I just don't like to admit that, it tarnishes my bad boy image.  That's only a slightly sarcastic statement.)

Does that fully illustrate the difference?

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