Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jes@s, I love to eat P*ssy

In case you couldn't tell from the somewhat edited title, this is an adult themed post.  And I'm more than a little intoxicated a the moment.  So:

"The following program contains adult themes and situations, parental discretion is advised."

Sigh... Wow, I feel so much better now that I've gotten that out of the way.  Would't want to taint any innocent minds with my salacious thoughts.  Because sex and adult themes are things that need to be carefully controlled and contained in isolated places and never discussed openly.  Apparently.

But now that that's out of the way...

So, I loooove to eat pussy.  I just want to say that upfront, out loud, and nice and straight forward.  It's, like, my favorite hobby.  Once a woman spreads her legs for me I know how I'm going to be spending the next hour or two.  The only limitation really is how long my tongue and jaw can keep going because I love it that much.

I'm a vaginaterian.  Unashamedly.

Without getting too dirty, I love burying my face between a woman's thighs and finding the places that make her scream and lose control.  I'm patient, if she needs slow stimulation I'll work her slowly.  Others need more aggressive tactics, direct clitoral stimulation, a couple fingers inside.  Some squirt, some quiver, some go into convulsions.  Them getting that kind of pleasure from me is wildly arousing.

But that's the fun part, figuring out how to get the biggest reaction.  And I love the testing process.

With Cat, I'd go down on her, wrap my arms around her thighs so I could control her movement.  I'd start slow, licking and kissing, she needed a very gradual arousal.  It took about ten minutes but once the engine was running though, I could go to town as rough and fast and vigorous with my tongue as I was physically capable of.  And when she came her whole body would convulse and clamp down on me.  It was big and obvious.  And a whole lot of fun.

Stephanie, I spent many hours testing her body.  She's definitely one of the most difficult women to bring to orgasm that I've been with, I had to approach it from an oblique angle and almost trick her into not seeing it coming.  She was self conscious, if she felt like I was focused on her then she'd withdraw.  So very slow, very incremental increases, a slow build.  Direct attention on her clit was too much for her.

Other women are less complicated but each one is like a snowflake, unique and special.  And sometimes the more difficult the journey the more triumph when one arrives at the destination.

The first part of successful cunnilingus is a good kiss.  There's a balance between forward pressure, and touching, that gets her sensual gears spinning.  And that's important because, unlike guys, women don't usually go from 0 to 60 mph in seconds, they have to work up to it.  Kissing, touching, each revs the motor, you've got to get her up to, let's say, 30 mph before pushing it further.  Step up the pressure, the excitement, the arousal, and by the time you get to sucking on her labia or licking her asshole than her body is ready. Some women really like ass play.

One of the things I've learned over the years is not to focus on the clit too soon.  As guys, it's easy to focus on the end result but women's bodies are more like puzzles than a math problem.  Going to the clit first doesn't 'solve' the equation any faster and can actually slow orgasm down.  It's a process.  Getting the woman aroused, wet, moaning and slithering first and working up to the clit is an important part.  This is why internal and external touching, even the making out beforehand, are so vital.

And, personally, I've always found the taste of women pleasant.  That's something I've heard that women worry about but I've always been pleased.  They vary from savory to sweet, depending on their diet.  Like semen, our fluids are influenced by what we eat and drink.  The cleaner our diet the less astringent the flavor.  Fruits often increase the sweetness.  I've heard pineapple is a good choice for guys but haven't tested that out yet.

Food for thought.  Or sex, rather.  Male or female, if you want your partner to go down more often it might we worth examining one's diet.

Unless you're dating me.  I have yet to find a woman that isn't fun to go down on.  It's one of the few things I miss in my current single-hood.  Maybe I should put that on a dating profile... "I miss going down on women, hit me up if you need an orgasm.  NSA."

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