Friday, October 16, 2015

People Suck

You ever have those weeks that feel like you're in a Super Villain origin story?  Everyone just seems so stupid and ridiculous and nothing goes your way?  Like the universe is pushing you toward the extremes and by the end of the week you're cackling madly and dreaming of killer robot designs and world domination?

Maybe that's just me.

This week was one of those.  I switched up a bunch of stuff in my life, diet and exercise schedule, because I've got a race coming up.  The result of which has been an intolerable case of insomnia.  I never have a problem getting to sleep but this week has been a nightmare.

And when I don't get enough sleep EVERYTHING is horrible.  This was a crap week to begin with, throwing on the insomnia just added fuel to the flames.  People suck, I'm pretty sure I hate all of them.  They have no redeeming factors.  Friends, family, coworkers, school admins, random strangers, they all suck.

It might not be enough for me to go "full hermit" anymore, I might need to find a wolf pack that's looking to adopt.  Well, either that or go the villain route.

With friends I've often joked that I could be one hell of a Super Villain if I ever got pushed too far.  I know just enough about a lot of different things that I could cause some serious trouble... and I'm clever enough that if I put my mind to something I can figure out a way to make it happen.

Last week I gave one of my anti-social media, they're going to destroy life as we know it, rants to Stephanie.  She laughed and jokingly asked "Well, what can you do about it?"  Then she saw the look in my eye and was troubled.  If I really wanted to find a way, I could.

So, if I don't start getting more sleep you'd better keep your eyes to the sky.

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