Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Unfinished Line

I thought I'd give everyone a glimpse into how my brain works today.

This afternoon I was walking my pup I saw something that piqued my curiosity.  A Mercedes.  Just seeing a car wouldn't mean much, this is a wealthy town, but what happened next was weird.  It stopped.

While the town I live in has a lot of millionaires, or at least their vacation houses, I live in the bad neighborhood.  Like a lot of nice places they managed to single out a neighborhood for all the druggies, broke people, and anyone they don't want mixing with the blue bloods.  The park, across the creek from my apartment, has to have the homeless population routinely rousted.  On the other side of my building is a halfway house.

The Mercedes was a beautiful car, a black coup with a fancy tint and rims, maybe a year old.  Probably a $70,000 car.  Beautiful and completely impractical.  It was the kind of car that says "I have a lot of money and I like to flaunt it."

Personally, people that drive those cars drive me nuts.  If I had 70k there are far better things I would spend it on and it's incredibly impractical.  It's an expensive toy someone uses to flaunt their wealth.  Douchebags, mostly.  And retired doctors, lawyers, who have more money than they know what to do with and want toys to show off when they meet their buddies for golf.

Anyway, this old white guy pulls to a stop in front of one of the cheapest, oldest, grossest apartment building on the block, illegally blocking the parking area full of cars -two doors down from the halfway house- and honks his horn.  And it wasn't just a beep beep, it was aggressive, HONKhonk honk HONK.

I couldn't help but wonder what the heck this guy was doing.  So, I slowed down my pup and loitered, waiting to see what would happen.

At first, I figured maybe this dude was picking up a girl -in this neighborhood, probably one he was paying for- but it was early afternoon, the timing was wrong.  I didn't see some old retiree picking up some tail after lunch before golf, in full daylight getting seen in the bad part of town.  Also unlikely, him having some bud he was picking up for the next round.  And it probably wasn't a girlfriend, or any friend, with such aggressive behavior.

No, I decided the most likely scenario was he was picking up his kid.  I figured he'd probably gotten divorced, he had the money and power for a good lawyer or a prenup, and she got the very short end of the stick, was living cheaply (maybe even living there temporarily until better arrangements could be made), and it was his day to have to kid.  He wasn't happy to be in the neighborhood, didn't even want to get out of his car, and must have been picking up someone.  Besides, that car would fit quite nicely into a just divorced, newly single, wealthy older male mentality.

Unfortunately, I never got to find out if my theory was right or not.  Me and the pup loitered there for almost ten minutes, through repeated honking, before she started getting restless to finish the walk.  The entire way back to the apartment I couldn't help but wonder about the out of place car and what it was doing there.

I like to figure things out, puzzles and people, and it bugs me when I don't know the answer.  Part of it is probably the writer in me, I like stories and I want to know how they turn out.  Maybe it'll be back next Sunday and I can find out.

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