Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Friday

Okay, I'm still on break but some stories just need to be written down (I'm still grumpy but getting laid helps).


I hate consumerism, I hate shopping, I hate big crowds of people, so Black Friday is the worst day of the year for me.  Most years I make pains to not even step outside on the day, it's like a tornado, I just hide in my apartment and wait for it to pass.  However, the crazy store hours came in awfully handy this week.

Since Stephanie I'd done zero playing, dating, looking.  Nothing.  For months.  I'm still not up for anything serious mentally or physically, and I'm moving sometime next year, but the last couple weeks I've running a lot more to get ready for a race... and running really pumps up the libido.  While I might not be up for dating, I was definitely up for some f***ing.

Last weekend I spent some time on Craig's List (CL).  Feel free to make jokes but I've had a lot of luck on CL over the years.  I like it because I can put up an anonymous ad where I can be very specific about what I'm looking for.  If I get answers back, cool.  If not, it's not like it cost me anything.  I also have a sense of humor and I'm a decent writer, which helps.

So, I put up an ad for a FWB.  I mentioned that I didn't want to really date because I only have a few months in the state, but it'd be nice to find something fun in the meantime.  I wrote about a few kinky things I'd done and others that I'd like to try.  I didn't really expect to get anything back, it was more for my own amusement than anything else.

Well, I got an answer from someone who sounded interesting.  We'll call her Jane.  She's a recent divorcee and was just looking for some fun.  For a lot of reasons, divorcees are a specialty of mine.  I don't mind it, they're usually more fun and more mature anyway.  We went back and forth for a couple days, I was feeling pretty good about it so we talked about getting a drink and seeing if we clicked.  She was working strange shifts though, so the only time we could meet was on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving night, the night before, we texted to verify times.  She said that a getting together in the morning was better than later... which I hadn't been expecting.  After working all night I figured she'd want to get some sleep and I'd have at least a few hours that day to straighten up and get ready...

By get ready, I mean replace my bedding; new sheets, new pillows, new mattress pad, everything but the bed itself.  It's a little ritual of mine before playing with someone new.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Even if the woman doesn't notice or know, it makes me happier, which they do notice.

But it was already late Thursday night and I only had nine hours before our meeting, everything was closed and I wouldn't have time before seeing her the next morning.  Thankfully, during Thanksgiving dinner someone had mentioned that the box store nearby had weird hours, they were trying to capitalize on the whole Black Friday thing by being open the night before, which is sad and crazy.  Sucky for the workers and society but good for me.

I drove to the store.  Even close to midnight the place was packed.  There were hundreds of people, families even, running around with multiple carts full of bullshit they probably didn't need.  While complaining internally about the crazy shoppers, and they were crazy, at the same time I was happy the store was open.  Lines were out the door, it was nuts, but I managed to snag everything I needed (bonus: it was all 20% off).

The next morning Jane and I met at a place nearby, chatted then walked back to my place.  She'd worked all night, so she asked if she could take a shower.  I told her I didn't mind as long as I got to watch.  I did.  She had a nice ass, big breasts, and a pleasing lack of humility.  Afterwards she came back to the couch in just a towel.  It wasn't long before I was fingering her to orgasm after orgasm.

Every woman is different, I was happy to find she's one of the easier ones.  I always make it a point to learn my partner's body and there's a wide variety.  Some women have to be stimulated in exactly the right way, for the right amount of time, to even get close, where she came really fast and hard.  She was soaked almost as soon as I touched her, her buttons were quickly found and exploited, women like her make everything so much easier for me.

We moved to the bedroom and I had her squirting.  For a long while.

And she was loud.  Really loud.

And my apartment complex is small.  Really small.  And with no A/C I usually keep my windows open.  And it was 10 am on a day most people didn't have to work.

Yeah, half way through my neighbors started shouting at us.

Too bad, I wasn't done.  We fucked, she came a couple more times.  Loudly.  That'll be a fun conversation next time I see the neighbors in the hallway.

When we were both finished we hung out for a while.  Turns out she's had some BDSM experience and likes to submit.  We talked about some things we could try next time and set up dates.

It was a good time, she's a lot of fun.  It looks like I have a new playmate for the time being.  Good news.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I'd like to talk about what I'm thankful for this week.  I'm grateful for my health and my family.  I'm grateful for new friends and old.  I was grateful that the store nearby was open late Thursday so I could make my purchases.  I'm also grateful that I opted for the waterproof mattress pad.

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