Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Home again, home again

Almost as soon as I heard about the craziness back home (briefly mentioned in the previous post) I was looking for plane tickets.  Thankfully, work has been light so far this year and getting two weeks off after the holidays wasn't such a hard sell to my bosses.

I haven't written much about Jane, my recent FWB, I'll have to catch up on that later, but we'd been seeing each other since Thanksgiving (which was only about a month, in hindsight).  A few days before the trip I got a text that would normally send a chill down my spine, "We need to talk."  However, unlike other situations it didn't bother me too much.  Jane and I met after I put up an ad on CL for a temporary FWB.  I wrote that I'd be moving sometime in the next six months and wanted something that wasn't too serious.

Turns out, Jane met a guy that she liked, one that could offer more than just FWB.  She was worried I'd be jealous or angry.  I wasn't, I even told her that if I'd been in her shoes I'd have kept my eyes open as well.

So, that was all good.  I mean, it sucks for my sex life (she was a blast) but she's a pretty cool chick and deserves someone who will treat her right for longer than a few months.

Then I took off to help sort things out at home.  It went better than I expected, though I'm not going to go into details.  It's good.  I'm good.  Definitely an improvement over where we all were before the trip.  That's a big weight off my shoulders.

Now, after all my recent travels I've realized something about myself; the less available sex is the more horny I get.  When I have plenty of opportunities to get laid than it isn't a big deal, but when it isn't available it's like my libido gets all worked up and frustrated.  I spend a week with Cat and our kid, I come back horny as fuck because I couldn't get laid.  And it's not the time, I've gone very long, voluntary stretches without getting laid, it's like part of me rebels whenever I can't do something.

So, two weeks staying with my parents... I was about ready to crawl up the fucking walls to get some ass.  I was even tempted to try and get some while I was there, just to clear my head, but decided it would complicate things too much.

Yesterday I returned from the trip.  Jane gave me a ride home from the airport.  I was sorely tempted to try and get her to come inside after the drive but she spent half the trip talking up her new boyfriend.  Good for her, bad for my overactive sex drive.

Sigh.  Time to start searching for another fuck buddy.  It's too bad, Jane was a good one, and now I'm all revved up with nowhere to go.

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