Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dipping in my... toes

Ever since I got back from my trip I've been ridiculously horny.  As such, I've found myself drifting more and more toward my old hunting grounds, the place where the darkest shadows meet, the seediest of players gather.  Craig's List.

I'm only half kidding.  Yes, CL has been a favorite of mine for a long time but it's not (always) as bad as I make it sound.  At least not for guys.  Usually.  Sure, you might not want to go poking around with a UV light, but at least it's cheap and easy.

Still kind of half kidding.  Sorry, been drinking.  A bit.

Anyway, I've actually had a lot of luck on CL over the years.  With a little patience, some humility and humor, a little effort can pay off.

For example, right now I'm in this weird middle of things where I'm going to be moving sometime later this year, so I don't want anything really serious but I'd like something.  On CL, I can put all of that in an ad, throw in a "men are assholes" joke and post it.  If someone reading finds it amusing I might hear from them, if they don't then I won't.  No big deal.

Of course, it probably helps that when I'm on CL I have no standards except the ability to read the post to the end and spell halfway decently.  Seriously, the older I get the less I care about anything other than personality.  Maybe when I was a young man boob size and waist line mattered, now I'm all about sense of humor and intelligence.  I've been with enough women to know that appearances have little to do with how much fun they are.  I've been surprised, good and bad, I've had my world rocked, you can't tell which by physical characteristics.

At the same time, CL is a lot like fishing, notice they don't call it "catching" (old joke, I know).  You have to put up a couple posts, don't expect immediate results, and play each response carefully.  It takes some time and patience.

And I'm a bit of an expert.

Like every other "dating" site there are ups and downs, good times and bad.  I've had periods of luck like I was on a fucking Las Vegas hot streak, and others like I was the fucking hunchback of Notre Dame.  It's all in the timing and luck...

But much like Vegas, the longer you play, the longer you can stick it out, the better the odds of hitting it big.  You keep playing, eventually you'll win. Maybe not big, but you'll win.

And thus has been my experience on CL.  It might not have provided the LTR to end all LTR, or even the stuff of which poets write about, but it has been a consistent platform that provided results.

In comparison, I've paid for sites like eHarmony and AFF (Adult Friend Finder, a ripoff for dudes).  On each of the paid sites I've gotten exactly ONE decent response each, that led to something more than coffee.  CL, on the other hand, a free site, has landed at least four.

(Let's go in order since the "open" marriage, 2008)

MC (Miss Cat) - Otherwise known as the BJ vampire, met on CL in casual encounters.

Nikky - AFF.  She was fun, crazy, and married.

Jenn - CL.  Answered an ad for a penpal, developed into a lot more than that.

Kelly - Match.  She was fucking nuts though she hid it well.

Ann - WP.  Doesn't really count as a dating site.

Christine - CL.  Casual Encounters.

M - CL.  A one night stand-ish.  I'd have kept up with her but she opted out after one night, who knows why.

Vivian - WP, kinda.  She was the roommate of another WP blogger that I was going to see.

Stephanie - OkC.  Fun, good friend, but not much more than that after the sex.

Jane - CL.  Casual encounters.  Crazy but awesome.

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