Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sorry Devon

About two weeks ago I got a very nice email from a reader through my Contact page:

Hi There,I happened across your blog yesterday and have been reading voraciouslyever since....what can I say it's been a slow couple of days ;) I wanted tocompliment you on1. the quality of your writing. I have been by turns, inclined towardintrospection, brought to tears, laughed uproariously, aroused to raunchymusings, and impressed by your taste in music! Well played Sir, well played.2. Your ability to bare your soul, and ask yourself the difficult questions.3. Your genuine love and appreciation for women despite the difficultsituations you've been through.So, that is all. I feel like some odd sort of groupie now, but wanted toshare my appreciation.Best of luck with, erm life I suppose?Devon

So, that gave me a big smile.  I don't write specifically for an audience, I write because I love to and need to, but it's always, always nice to hear from someone who enjoyed reading.

Unfortunately, the email got lost in my inbox until recently.

I replied... or I tried to.

Hey Devon, 
Apologies for the slow reply.  Somehow I missed the contact email fromWordPress until I was cleaning out my inbox today. 
First off, thanks for reading and then writing to me.  When I started theblog it was just a confidante, I didn't really see any benefit except forhaving an outlet to vent my feelings.  But over time I've come toappreciate the community of writers and readers out there.  It seems almostsilly in this day of 140 character tweets, but being able to write in-depthposts is such an important aspect of reaching real connection with people.There isn't really a short cut to building that rapport. 
That said, it's a lot of work to keep up with a blog, so it's always aboost to hear from someone who's enjoyed it.  That's what keeps us going.I'm so glad that you liked what you read, I'll attempt to keep it up andhopefully you'll enjoy future posts as much. 
PS: And don't be a stranger.  There's a lot of cool people and good writersthat hang out in this digital dive bar.  Grab a seat, join theconversation.  You never know what might come of it.

For some reason my reply was returned as "Undeliverable".

So, Devon, if you're reading this I did try to reply and I do appreciate hearing from you.  If you're still around, hit me up again.

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