Wednesday, July 20, 2016

When it rains... pt 2

(Quick summary of part 1: I slept with my best friend while she was visiting, might have ruined that relationship.)

After I broke up with Stephanie last year I realized I wasn't in a place for relationships.  Mentally, emotionally... with the impending move and everything, I just couldn't do it.

But I didn't want to be celibate either.

Enter Jane.

A few months after I broke up with Stephanie and she moved away (months apart), I put up a Craigslist ad for a FWB.  I met Jane, who is one of the most fun and interesting women I've ever been with.

What was so fascinating about being with Jane right after Stephanie was that they were so opposite each other.  I mean, opposite in almost every way you can think of except they're both nice people and have good curves.  Tall, short, dark, light, hard, soft.

One of my biggest frustrations with Stephanie was that she was a novice in the bedroom.  She wasn't a virgin but about as close as you can get and still break the hymen.  Not only was she new, she was difficult.  The kind of girl that's so self conscious and in her own head that she can't relax and have a good time.  I worked with her and she gained a lot of confidence but I'm... miles beyond her experience level.

Jane is the opposite.  She's this tall, bouncy, outgoing woman who knows exactly what she wants, doesn't have a problem getting it, and is a freak between the sheets.

I had a lot of fun with Jane for about a month until she met her current boyfriend.  We broke off the benefits part but have stayed good friends.  She's wacky and fun... and part of me was pretty sure it wasn't going to work out with the BF.

Anyway, while Stephanie was here I told Jane that I slept with her and wasn't sure if that was a good idea or not.  She's my friend, I tell her most things.

I wasn't expecting her reaction; she got jealous.

She didn't do anything too weird, and she wouldn't admit it, but she reacted all week.

What's weird though was as soon as Stephanie left...  I found myself craving Jane.  Weird, right?  Maybe it was something to do with tapping the keg and wanting more sex, maybe it was because last time I stopped seeing Stephanie I moved on to Jane, maybe after a week of fun-sex part of me was really craving some dirty, wild, sloppy, nasty shit.  I don't know why, but it definitely happened.

And then Jane started talking about how poorly things were going with her BF, she's unhappy, and how every relationship she's ever been in she's cheated.

This was less than a week after Stephanie left.

Jane went on about how she's really not getting what she needs, she's ready to leave the BF.  She started getting really flirty with me.

This weekend, Jane was hanging out with me on my couch in a long t-shirt and nothing else.  Long story.  The first night we met up as FWB started in almost exactly the same way.  We're drinking, we're having a good time, we're flirting a bit.

Before anyone loses their mind, I didn't sleep with her.  It was plainly obvious that that was on the table if I wanted it but I didn't want to put myself, or her, in that position.  I'm actually friends with her BF, I've been making a very concerted effort to not be that guy.  That said, it's not easy.  And, like I said in the previous post, I'm bad at not sleeping with women.

The problem with Jane is that she's just like my ex-wife, if she can't have something she wants it even more.  Me not having sex with her ramped up her flirty texting to NSFW level.


Another strange fact, both ladies have a sixth sense for when the other texts me.  I can't talk to just one, the other almost always pops up halfway through.

So, this morning I was chatting with Stephanie who was going on about how she might have to buy a body pillow because she misses the cuddling, while Jane is texting me about the new hitachi she got and how she's going to have to do laundry because her sheets are soaked.

I felt like I was losing my mind.  I got nothing done.

I have exactly two close personal friends and right now they're both trying to sleep with me.  This probably isn't going to end well.

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