**Ann was the star of my "Ladies" page but has had so many posts dedicated to her awesomeness that I felt she needed her own.

teenage fuzzy Ann s

Ann - (2014-present) is Ann St. Vincent.  At first, we weren't sure if the relationship would work out in person, so we used pseudonyms for each other in our posts until we met.  I wrote about her as "Julie" and revealed the connection in the "Ann" posts after we spent a vacation together and found out that we're even better together than online.  From oldest to newest:

Julie - Ann before we met in person
Vacation with Ann - Meeting for the first time
Changing the relationship status
Before the August trip
August trip to visit Ann
After the trip:

The Change:
#TeamAJ - Just Friends

Shortly after that last post I told her I couldn't be friends with her, at least not right then.  It was doing bad things to me and I needed to sort myself out before friendship might be possible.  I haven't written much about that, we were both really raw and I didn't want to make it worse.  

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