The Ladies

I've been switching back and forth between Blogger and Wordpress for the last six months, so links are included to posts in both places.  Links are from newest to oldest.

Vivian (2014) - Amazing woman I met on my trip to Australia.

Beverly (2014) -

Shelby (2014) -  FWB, not fantastic but she had her moments.

Charlotte (2014) - Amusing woman, terrible writer.  Never slept with her but she sparked an amusing series of posts.
Follow up to the Follow up to the Awkward Story
Follow up to the Awkward Story
A Funny Awkward Story

Ann (2014-2014) - Ann St. Vincent has her own page here.

Christine - (2013) One night stand I picked up on OkC.
Kelly - (2011) Chick I dated for a couple weeks after my divorce.  She was crazy.
Cat (2001-2011) - I was married to Cat for close to ten years, the last two of which was an open relationship.  We divorced two years ago.  We have a daughter together, but she lives with Cat and her new Husband far, far away.  Cat's a pretty amazing lady, we've managed to remain friends even through the divorce.  I've written about her a lot, here are a few of my favorites.  From newest to oldest.
Two Glasses
Jenn (2008-2010) - Big breasted, sometimes-lesbian, on-again off-again FWB that wanted a little more commitment than I could give.  We had a lot of fun together before she moved back home and got engaged to a woman.  From newest to oldest on Blogger:
The Steam Room (funny)
Nikky - (2008-2010) A married woman I fooled around with during my open marriage.  She was very open minded and sexual, a lot of fun.  We eventually got busted when her husband found some incriminating pics of us in her email.  Oldest to newest, Blogger:
Morning After pt 3 (busted with pics)
Rejoining Jenn pt 2 (a morning BJ and pics)
Separation Anxiety (an HJ and giving her marriage advice)
My Special Day (Birthday plans blow up in my face)
Two twos for Thursday (two chicks in a day)
MC - (2008) "Miss Cat".  One of the chicks I dated for a while during the open marriage.  Blogger:
Gail - (2003) A High Schooler I picked up while while Cat was living with another dude.  A very strange relationship.  Blogger:
Brandy - (2001-2002) Kind of a fuck buddy I saw a couple times, much to my own shame.
Sarah - (2001) One of my few one night stands.  It didn't go well.
Anne  - (1999-2000-not to be confused with Ann St. Vincent)  My first big relationship, between High School and college - Blogger
Kaily - (1999) Lost my virginity to her.  Blogger:

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